Executive Compensation Management

While it's rewarding and satisfying when your employer recognizes your value with an attractive compensation package, it's important to make decisions that maximize your potential earnings.  Personal Wealth Partners is experienced in all aspects of executive compensation and can help you work through the intricate details to derive the most benefit from your compensation package.

Stock Options

It is likely that part of your compensation is stock-based and includes some type of stock options. You want to consider your options as an investment to be managed. How you handle your stock options depends on the type and number of options you have, the requirements of your company, and your personal financial situation. Personal Wealth Partners will help you make sense of the jargon typically written into the grant form and develop a strategy that maximizes your compensation gain.

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Planning

Part of your compensation package likely includes some form of “Qualified” plan, such as a 401(k), pension plan, and/or profit-sharing, which satisfy IRS rules in return for special tax treatment. These plans apply to the company’s entire workforce. Your board may also opt to set up a Non-Qualified Plan specifically for you and other executives. These plans, which exist under certain “safe harbor” provisions, are set up at the discretion of the board to offer additional performance rewards to key executives and exceptional employees.

The key is to understand which type of plan is best for you. The right choices today can pay huge dividends in future years. Personal Wealth Partners is skilled at devising and implementing effective executive compensation plans. 

The Process

We first meet with you to determine what you would like to achieve, what your current compensation package consists of, and how it works. After analysis, we provide you with a detailed, lucid written summary of the package. Once there is a thorough understanding of the package, we assist you in exercising your stock options, advising when and how to do so. We help you understand your qualified plan benefits and, if necessary, assist in enhancing your retirement income by implementing non-qualified deferred compensation plans.