Retirement Planning

Will you be financially independent at retirement? Personal Wealth Partners will help you map out your retirement future. It's important to define your goals and objectives; we assist in this process by examining your existing resources, determining whether additional resources are needed, and implementing strategies that put you on the road to achieving the retirement you desire.

The Process

We begin retirement planning by meeting with you to gather data on your goals as well as your existing and prospective sources of income. After an analysis, we write a comprehensive plan that projects the cash flows required to meet your retirement objectives. Together we review the plan and determine

  • How much money will need to be saved
  • How to invest savings to provide the desired income
  • When to begin taking benefits (e.g. pensions, 401(k) and social security benefits)

Once you are satisfied with the overall plan direction, we implement the plan by

  • Establishing a retirement savings plan
  • Helping to consolidate retirement assets
  • Assisting you with the distribution of retirement assets

Retirement Cash Flow

An initial, critical step in assessing your retirement needs is helping you determine a realistic retirement budget. This includes a detailed analysis of your current financial situation, anticipated expenses, and retirement desires. We review your existing investments and factor in inflation. Then, we work with you to understand how each of these factors impacts your financial position and determine saving strategies that align with your goals.

Tax Efficient Retirement Distributions

The distribution of your various retirement plans can be carefully managed to mitigate your income tax liability. As tax professionals, Personal Wealth Partners understands the rules governing the payout of your employer-based plans, as well as your IRAs and other assets. We can objectively guide your decision-making to maximize the benefits of your retirement dollars.