The Client Experience

Objective, Independent Strategies

We do not believe investors are best served when their advisory firms stand to gain from company-sponsored products. Personal Wealth Partners is affiliated with LPL Financial*, a broker/dealer that offers no proprietary products and engages in no investment banking activities. Unlike most brokerage and investment banking firms, our strategies are those best suited for your personal situation. As fee-based money managers, we earn our reward by helping you pursue your financial results, not by moving money around in commissionable funds.

A Personalized Process

From the moment you step into the offices of Personal Wealth Partners, you will notice a difference—in our warm and sincere people, our energy and knowledge, and our access to world-class financial data. We respect your time. To be efficient, we assign a team of financial advisors to you. Together we develop an intimate and confidential knowledge of your personal and family needs.

If you engage with Personal Wealth Partners, we will serve you with a comprehensive, three-step process:

1. Getting to know you.

We need to be sure we can help meet the needs of each client we take on. To accomplish this, we schedule a no-obligation meeting to discuss your financial situation and objectives, and to share our backgrounds and experience. The objective of this first meeting is to determine if Personal Wealth Partners is a good solution to help you pursue your financial goals.

2. Assessing your needs.

If it appears we are a good fit, we proceed by detailing your investment strategy history, needs, interests and objectives. This is all vital information for developing a strategy. We may request further data necessary to assemble a complete background on your situation. Once this information is in our hands, we proceed to develop a personalized investment, financial and estate plan.

3. Implementing the plan.

We review each element of the plan with you to establish your comfort with the direction we are recommending. With your approval, we begin implementation, including asset transfers and consolidation; we complete all paperwork necessary for a hassle-free experience. After the plan is in place, we update you regularly on portfolio performance to assure your goals are being monitored. In addition to convenient access to our team, you can view your accounts on this website 24/7 via our secure web portal.